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Navigating the Post Pandemic Wedding Explosion of 2022 in Kelowna, BC | DJ Spinalshift

Tips on planning your wedding in 2022 with a complete list of the best venues in Kelowna BC, top caterers, and the Best wedding DJ near you.

After battling a deadly pandemic for longer than two years, you finally get to marry the love of your life in 2022. It is a beautiful altar with shimmering lights all around you. You are lost in the magic of the evening with your beloved, amidst your closest friends and family (maybe even that one distant aunt, “Rose”). You have the perfect menu you spent months finalizing. You nabbed the best DJ in Kelowna BC and now you get to dance to your jam like you wanted to, since forever! YOU DESERVE THIS! There is no room for mistakes, in what will certainly be the most important day of your life. You want everything to go according to the plan and leave no stone unturned. Well, you are in the right place! Let’s get started, we have a long road ahead...

The Wedding Explosion Of 2022

All the couples in Canada in their wedding planning mode know, that there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to rules and regulations due to the ongoing pandemic. Nearly 90% of the weddings were either postponed or cancelled last year. When things start to settle down in 2022, there will be a major outburst of weddings. Couples will line up to book their favourite venues, DJs, wedding planners, photographers, videographers, and the like. A wedding explosion is in order, and you need to buckle up!

To avoid the final rush, you need to prepare yourself. And fret not! I will give you the three important but incredibly simple steps to follow to ensure a smooth wedding! (You're welcome).

1. Plan ahead :

As a Wedding DJ sometimes I have couples looking to book my services only months before the ceremony. And I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of planning ahead of time to ensure the vendors you want are available on your date!

(You don’t want to be stuck with a DJ that doesn't understand you, your guests, or how to keep the vibe going on the dancefloor!)

Create a timeline that will include to-do lists and all the requirements and tasks that need to be carried out within an allocated time span. Given the circumstances, it is advised to write out a basic list of vendors, a DJ, and a guest list. This will be your priority-based timeline. After the first one has been created, start creating backup lists with all your secondary options. It wouldn't hurt to create a backup. After all, this is your wedding we are talking about, we can't take any chances!

2. Plan realistically:

The ongoing pandemic brings a lot of uncertainty into the picture. It is an unforeseeable future, and you need to weigh in all of your options to safely create backups. This is the safest way to protect yourself from any last-moment surprises and have a smooth and easy wedding.

3. Stay Updated:

With how fast things are changing these day's it's essential to update yourself on a regular basis. This gives you an upper hand to analyze situations to re-evaluate your plans and make changes when necessary. Do not underestimate the importance of good preparation! Micro-analyze each detail and keep a constant eye on your proceedings.

Once you know how to plan a wedding, the next step is to start looking for destinations, venues, planners, caterers, music, and decorations. One of the perks of being in this industry is knowing the best locations and caterers in the area. I have listed down my favourites from Kelowna, BC, to make your wedding planning easier.

List Of Wedding Venues

Okay, let me state the obvious, the location is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. It builds the atmosphere and sets the tone of your big day. Kelowna is a beautiful place in itself with venues ranging from exquisite wineries like SummerHill Winery or Cedarcreek Estate Winery to a dreamy wedding at a lavish golf club like The Harvest Golf Club or The Sunset Ranch Golf Club.

I have written a detailed blog with pictures and descriptions for the top 12

Beautiful Kelowna Wedding Venues which I believe you will find helpful. I have also mentioned all the links to their official sites here. I had the privilege of visiting most of these venues and all of them were unique and displayed extravagance their own way.

(Tip: If you are planning to have a ceremony with a relatively larger wedding party, make sure to call them in advance to inquire about guest capacity. Due to the pandemic, a bunch of new restrictions is levied on wedding venues.)

List of Caterers

There is a huge variety of caterers to pick from in Kelowna BC, from gourmet food packages to buffets. You are spoiled for choice, but here are my all-time favourite caterers:

  1. Details Catering

  2. Bonne Bouche

  3. Happy-tizers

  4. Joy Road

  5. Flambe Catering

The Shining Cherry On The Top

Here comes my favourite part! You sent the theme for your wedding, arranged for the best food and wine, but how will you get your party POPPING? Isn't it easier to blast songs through your MP3? It's easier said than done. You may have a million favourite playlists on Spotify, but the real challenge is in creating a playlist catering for the entire wedding party (Yes, that's correct, including your aunt Rose). When you pick a DJ, you get a whole selection of music that, not only you, but the entire party enjoys and dances to, right from the evergreen old country songs to the latest pop remixes.

★ ★ ★


You are now completely prepped to plan a wedding in theory! It is time to start utilizing all that you have learned so far. What are you waiting for? Get planning! Your dream wedding awaits you!

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